Trackmania Nickname Generator

July 29th, 2015

Been playing Trackmania and want to have a nickname in fancy colored letters?

TM Nicknames – will help you create a cool nickname in no time, with live preview.

Just type your name  – add font-effects or color-codes and copy the string to paste it in the game.

TM Nicknames will also let you save a bunch of names for later use.

Download link   – Have fun! =)


Gamers Watchdog

July 28th, 2015

Ever been playing a game longer than you wanted to?

Gamers Watchdog is a tool I wrote that will shutdown a program/game after a given timespan.

For example you tell the program to quit Battlefield in 70 minutes and it will do that.

You can specify a program that is currently running, or define a programname that it will recognize when started. It is easy to use. For further explanation read the readme file included.



Bards Tale 2 – Character Editor

July 28th, 2015

There is a nice version of Bards Tale 2 out there – running fine in DosBox.

The game and a lot of nice tipps at

I’ve written a Character Editor for the MS Dos version – have fun =)



Warriors Tale

July 28th, 2015

Warriors Tale is a classic RPG in the Style of Bard’s Tale, written by Conlan Rios and William Phillip and published as freeware (IMHO).

The Homepage of the Game was, but it looks like this site is down at the moment (Summer 2015).

You can download the game (version 1.1) at, but it will not run on modern Windows (Vista or newer; Compatibility mode won’t help).

The good news is: I fixed it and now you can play it also on modern machines. =)

Download Warriors Tale 1.1 fixed

You can map the cities yourself if you want, or you can download the city maps here.

I can’t contact the creator, but I hope this is in his favour. Otherwise just tell me and I will delete the link.

“Inspired by Bards Tale (1985), The Warriors Tale takes fantasy dungeon gaming to a whole new level. Control a party consisting of up to six characters, created from a choice of seven classes and five fantasy races. Each class has its own set of feats, spells, and songs. Can you defeat the demon Moloch and save the town of Hachen Dael? ” – Pirate Neilsouth on

“Haven’t finished it yet (it’s big) but really plays like Bard’s Tale. Lot’s of play value and very high quality. Some tips: use F1 for help manual and use standard keys ijl (k to kick in doors) and put a thief in the front of your party. If you don’t like mapping mazes then download the maps from the publisher’s site.” – gamer1776

Forum post at





First Entry

May 22nd, 2015

Hello friend!

This place could become a place to share some interesting informations. Or Software I wrote.

Either way, or the other I hope you like it! =)

Regards, Stefan